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D+H Polska was established in 2000 as an official representative of the German company D+H Mechatronic AG in the territory of Poland.
The company has been operating for more than 16 years and delivers specialized devices in the following product areas:
Smoke and toxic gas extraction systems, including:

  • smoke exhaustion systems;
  • lift shaft smoke extraction systems;
  • window and smoke vent drivers.

​Fire protection equipment, including:

  • fire detection and alarm systems;
  • fire ventilation;
  • fire door locking systems.

The offer of D+H Polska is addressed primarily to housing developers, installation companies, architects and designers, while considering also the needs of individual customers.

D+H offers customers a professional service, including:

  • design and support for architects and designers;
  • consultancy and technical support at each stage;
  • product preparation and delivery according to specifications;
  • assembly;
  • warranty and post warranty service;
  • regular maintenance of equipment.

At each stage, both the design and execution ones, the company offers professional engineering consultancy. It also shares its knowledge and experience by organizing regular training courses and seminars for designers and installers.

The basis of services delivered by D+H Polska is a customized and professional approach to each, individual customer. Whenever offers are prepared, not only individual customer requirements and needs are taken into account, but also all applicable fire protection standards and regulations. Coordinated planning and project management is the foundation of the harmonized integration of installed systems with building architecture, while considering the economic aspects of preparation.

D+H Polska has:

  • headquarters in Wrocław and a regional office in Poznań,
  • branch in Gdańsk,
  • branch in Warsaw and a regional offices in Łódź and Białystok, 
  • branch in Katowice and a regional office in Lublin.

As an official representative of D+H Mechatronic AG for Poland we support projects and customers in Poland. Foreign companies and persons interested in establishing cooperation are requested to contact the company in Hamburg: